About Me

Discovering the hope that lives in the daily rhythms of life.

For over a decade and a half I have been enjoying life alongside my best friend and husband, Taylor. Our love multiplied and in a 5-year span we added four children to our tribe. Margot, Ryken, Hudson and Lucy are the spice of my life. My family is a beautiful gift that I continue to unwrap. 

I share candidly through my writing and speaking of both the struggles and victories through my journey as friend, sister, wife, mother and leader. I love the creative process and am committed to being a life long learner. I am currently investing in continuing to grow and develop as a leader in the areas of writing and speaking by attending graduate school. I am receiving my Masters in Leadership and Evangelism from Wheaton College as a member of the 3rd Propel women cohort.

I love to tell stories. And the stories of my life have been shaped by the greatest story ever told; the story from which all others are born; the story of God. My hope is that as I tell the stories of my ordinary life that you will see an extraordinary God at work in the midst. 

In addition to writing here on my personal blog, I have contributed writings for Joy of ItTrue & Noble, and Portland Moms Blog. I am the Content Developer at Joy Of It, as well as a curriculum writer for the Friendzy Curriculum.

"It is most lively and productive to think of one body of literature, the Bible, representing in any time and place the testimony of the narrative stretching from Abraham to the Apostles, which can be juxtaposed to any other age by its Psalms being sung again, its letters being read again, its stories and parables being retold. Then in the juxtaposition of those stories with our stories there leaps the spark of the Spirit, illuminating parallels and contrasts, to give us the grace to see our age in God's light and God's truth in our words. "  -John Howard Yoder


A gift from my husband a few years ago on Mother's Day. A glimpse into my life and my people.