Admitting Need: Putting an End to Surviving Motherhood Alone

This is a contributor piece I wrote for Portland Mom's Blog. Read the full article HERE

It was the end of January and my twins were six weeks old. Although it took most of the morning to get the three of us dressed and fed, we finally made our way out the door. I was meeting my friend Catalina to go shopping at the outlet mall just one town over. She, too, had just entered into motherhood. Three weeks prior she had given birth to her first baby, a girl. We had enjoyed being pregnant alongside each other, and were now ready to enjoy our first mother/daughter outing. Admitting need for a change in scenery and a break in the monotonous schedule made way for this midweek adventure. Our time was limited, for reasons related to nursing and napping, so we hit the road running with high hopes of newfound freedom. 

Visions of sipping my latte while listening to music filled my mind, but these longings never materialized. Both babies lost their pacifiers just minutes into the trip and the wailing was at full volume. I couldn’t reach them while still driving safely and it infuriated me. Their crying continued the entire drive and my own tears soon followed. Motherhood had my number.

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